On August 1st, the Department of Justice was thrilled to announce they have filed official criminal charges against three individuals they believe are responsible for hacking into various company databases. Experts believe these suspects were able to access confidential consumer information from companies across 47 different states. In total, the hacking team had access to an overwhelming 15 million credit card records.

The federal indictments list 44-year-old Dmytro Federo, 33-year-old Fedir Hladyr and 30-year-old Andrii Kolpakov as the three suspects accused of stealing millions of consumer’s credit card numbers. The group reportedly utilized the confidential data by selling it to third parties for profit on the Darknet. Intelligence officers are convinced that the three individuals were working alongside dozens of other highly sophisticated overseas hackers in what they are calling “FIN7”. FIN7, they believe, is responsible for targeted attacks on an astonishing 100 organizations across the globe. The hacking group’s actions has caused a net loss exceeding tens of millions of dollars.

Hladyr was discovered hiding out in Seattle, but the other two suspects were in different countries. Fedorov was detained by authorities in Poland while Kolpakov was taken into police custody in Spain. The United States is working diligently to pursue the prompt extradition of Kolpakov and Fedorov.

United States intelligence officers confirmed that all three suspects are Ukrainian nationals, and they will be facing very serious charges for their reported crimes. The men have been charged with over 26 felonies including wire fraud, hacking and conspiracy.