The nation is saddened by an attack on the Capital Gazette that has left five newspaper reporters dead and two others severely injured. Authorities have identified the five victims as Rob Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman, Rebecca Smith, John McNamara and Wendi Winters.

The attack in Maryland was orchestrated by one disgruntled suspect who has been identified by police as Jarrod Warren Ramos. The suspect allegedly stormed into the newspaper building armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades. He began firing shots, breaking glass and sending horrified journalists running for cover. After several minutes of shooting, the suspect stopped suddenly until police arrived.

Police responded and quickly identified the suspect by using advanced facial recognition on the video surveillance. They apprehended the suspect without further incident, and they report the suspect is being cooperative and answering questions.

Ramos had a history with the paper that included a lawsuit against the newspaper that was dismissed on appeal back in 2015. Police are convinced the suspect specifically targeted the newspaper and several reporters. Back in 2011, the paper had published a hit piece describing the suspect’s alleged harassment of various women. The suspect was in fact convicted for the criminal act, so the newspaper’s reporting was deemed factual and accurate by the courts.

Despite this, the enraged suspect began harassing the newspaper shortly after the hit piece was published in 2011. Recently, his threats became more aggressive through social media. One reporter alleged the harassment was so bad that he had considered filing a restraining order on the suspect back in 2013. Several other reporters recognized the suspect as an online troll that consistently harassed their social media posts.

President Trump has responded to the incident by tweeting out his thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.