One Florida family is outraged at the recent actions of the Largo Police Department, but most agree that the police acted within the scope of the law.

Linus F. Phillip was shot and killed during an interaction with a Largo police officer in March, but there is an ongoing investigation into both his death and a separate case surrounding the victim and drugs. The suspect was killed when an officer went to search him, and he attempted to flee the area in his vehicle. According to Lt. Randall Chaney, the detectives hold that there is no expectation of privacy after someone passes away, so they decided to pursue evidence in an unorthodox way.

Victoria Armstrong, the victim’s fiancé, was present at the Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home when two detectives showed up. The officers were in possession of the late victim’s phone, and they asked to be taken to the body of Mr. Phillip. Armstrong felt “so disrespected and violated” when the officers then attempted to use Mr. Phillip’s fingers to unlock his smartphone. She left the funeral home completely baffled at the police detective’s behavior.

Lt. Chaney confirmed that these officers were seeking to preserve data and information stored on the device. The department stated that their attempts were unsuccessful.

After the unsettling incident, Phillip’s family asked their attorney to file a complaint against the detective. They have told news reporters that they are considering pursuing a lawsuit against the city for the inappropriate actions at the funeral home.