The Orlando Sentinel reports that a Florida man got caught in an algae-filled canal while trying to escape from Cape Coral authorities. After becoming overwhelmed by the algae, he eventually surrendered to police.

Abraham Duarte, 22, was arrested on Saturday for alleged possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest with violence. He was attempting to escape police when his route forced him to swim through the canal filled with algae.

In Cape Coral, an officer pulled over a speeding vehicle driven by Duarte. After the car was stopped, Duarte fled the scene. The officer followed him and witnessed him attempting to swim through the canal. After backup officers arrived on scene, a perimeter was set up. Duarte eventually surrendered to the original officer after swallowing some of the algae water.

The algae was sprayed off of Duarte by a neighbor and he was taken to a hospital, upon his request. Duarte was transported to the jail after being released from the hospital.

*Photo credit Cape Coral Police Department