CBS News reports that a man has been arrested for attempting to buy an 8-year-old girl for $200,000 in a Florida Walmart. Hellmuth Kolb, 81, was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and battery last weekend for allegedly offering a mother $200,000 to buy her daughter.

Tracy Nigh, the mother, was sitting inside the Walmart with her daughter when they were approached by Kolb. He began talking to them and eventually asked if Nigh was married. He also was asking more pointed questions about the daughter.

Kolb then repeatedly offered Nigh money for her daughter, initially offering her $100,000. He then raised the amount to $150,000 and finally offered her $200,000. Nigh refused and tried to leave Kolb, when he suddenly grabbed the girl’s arm and kissed her wrist.

The entire incident was caught on security cameras and Nigh notified security before leaving the store. Police identified Kolb from the video based on a credit card transaction and yet another woman describing a similar thing happening on social media.

Kolb was released after posting bond, and has told the media he doesn’t know why he was arrested in the first place.

*Photo credit Volusia County Corrections