One week ago, a disturbing PCP-fueled incident resulted in a Florida woman murdering her own mother. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported that they arrived at the home of Camille Balla around 1:40 am. They found the suspect sitting outside on the sidewalk where she confessed to murdering her mother. The suspect was inconsolable and panicked. Fire rescue officials reported that the suspect was screaming, crying and running around saying “I’m a murderer!”

Balla immediately confessed to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue that she had recently smoked marijuana. The suspect believes the marijuana cigarette may have been unknowingly laced with another substance like PCP or flakka. The marijuana paper was sent to a laboratory for further testing. She told responding deputies that her mother was in the garage.

Investigators were shocked and disturbed by the scene in the home. Officers reported finding a blood trail tracked throughout the living room, kitchen and garage. The garage was full of broken and shattered glass. The victim, Francisca Monterio-Balla, was found deceased. Investigators found she had cuts all over her body and her eyes had been removed. Her eyes were found placed on top of a cardboard box. Investigators discovered handwritten notes near the victim’s body that had religious-themed messages about clearing the soul, but it is unclear what the notes mean.

The suspect was taken to a hospital to be treated for lacerations before being booked into jail. Balla is currently being held without bond on first-degree murder charges, and the judge ruling over her initial hearing has ordered a mental evaluation on the suspect.