Christmas Abbott, an ultra-competitive CrossFit athlete and former reality TV star, has made headline news after getting arrested in Tampa, Florida. Christmas reportedly caused a public disturbance after confronting a woman who was allegedly having an affair with Abbott’s boyfriend.

According to media and police reports, Christmas was about eight months pregnant at the time the incident occurred. Benjamin Bunn, a fitness trainer, is the father of the child. On August 18th, Christmas visited a CrossFit gym in Tampa to confront Bunn and a woman that he was having a relationship with.

Christmas walked into the gym and approached the victim, Samantha Jane Morse. Christmas began questioning whether Morse was having relations with Benjamin Bunn, but Morse simply asked the emotional suspect to leave the gym. Furious, Christmas admits to tossing her iced coffee across the room towards the victim. She also yelled out profanities at both the victim and Bunn who was also at the gym.

In a rage, Christmas left the gym and got into her SUV. Before pulling away, she intentionally rammed her SUV into the victim’s sedan. A witness saw Christmas put her car in reverse and smash into the sedan a second time. Police responded to the incident. Christmas was still at the scene when they arrived, and she admitted to everything. The suspect was crying and emotionally distraught. She claimed that she “lost it” and was extremely hurt to be cheated on while eight months pregnant. Christmas was arrested and taken to the Orient Road Jail. She was not processed due to her pregnancy, but she was eventually booked on November 6th after giving birth to her little one.