Robert Fadal, 56, was recently arrested for two counts of capital murder. The former family doctor was at his home when Anthony and Tiffany Strait, a couple who frequently visited the home, arrived to help the doctor’s mother move some belongings. According to officials, Fadal shot the couple from a balcony completely unprovoked. Tragically, the suspect’s three young boys sat in a nearby vehicle and witnessed the entire event.

Fadal was taken into custody, but police are baffled by the suspect’s apparent motives. According to official reports, Fadal appeared to be suffering with extreme paranoia. Deputy Murphy’s affidavit reported that the suspect refused to answer any questions until police removed a nearby clock on the wall. Fadal explained that he feared being recorded by the clock or other devices because his life was in jeopardy.

The former doctor explained that he had been receiving death threats online from individuals after being involved in a series of online investigations. The doctor’s research, all contained in a notebook recovered by investigators, exposed the Jewish community’s involvement in manipulating the United States stock market. The online harassment led the doctor to fear for his life, and his conclusions led him to believe that the victims he shot were actually Russian mobsters who meant him and his family harm.

The doctor's alleged infiltration of a worldwide financial conspiracy and online harassment is under investigation by police who recovered the suspect’s computer. Fadal is currently being held at the Guadalupe County Jail on a $5 million bond.