The New York Times reports that a former Ohio judge who beat his wife has been arrested in connection to her stabbing death. Lance Mason had formerly served nine months in prison for severely beating his wife in front of their children in 2014. During that attack, he punched her more than 20 times and broke a facial bone. Mason was arrested on Saturday as a suspect in the fatal stabbing of his ex-wife at her Cleveland home.

Mason was driving a SUV that was leaving her house Saturday morning when he slammed into an officer’s car. Mason, 51, was formerly a Democratic lawmaker and top county prosecutor and had not been formerly charged in the murder as of Monday.

Police have not disclosed the reason for not filing charges against him yet. Mason was taken to the hospital, but his condition is unknown and sources don’t know whether he is still there.

Aisha Mason was a teacher at the elementary school a short distance from her home. Mr. Mason was a Common Pleas Court judge in August 2014 when Aisha called 911 to report the beating. He had slammed on the brakes while driving his wife and their children in the back seat when he started punching her multiple times in front of them.

Mr. Mason was sentenced to two years in jail but only served nine months for that crime. He was eventually disbarred and lost his judgeship as well. Aisha filed for divorce two days after the beating, and he was not allowed to contact her until at least 2021.

In 2017, Cleveland’s mayor hired Mason as the city’s minority business development administrator.

*Photo credit Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer, via Associated Press