FOX News reports that a former California college student has been arrested and charged with a felony count of providing a medical diagnosis while impersonating a doctor after pretending to be a physician. Ariya Ouskouian, 23, also faces eight misdemeanor counts of representing oneself as a licensed medical practitioner.

Ariya was once a student at the University of California, Irvine, and allegedly impersonated a doctor multiple times. He also gave at least one patient a medical diagnosis. The patient that was diagnosed has not been identified publicly, but it was the result of a consult at UCI about a growth on his neck.

Ariya also allegedly impersonated a doctor multiple times between April and June at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He gained access to the restricted floors of the hospital after telling a security officer he was a doctor and had lost his ID badge. A temporary badge was issued, and when hospital personnel became suspicious and asked for evidence of his medical license, he used the name of a UCI personnel.

The arrest occurred last Tuesday and he was released on $20,000 bond the following day. A court date has not been set, but Ouskouian faces up to three years in state prison and eight years in the county jail if convicted on all counts.

*Photo credit Orange County Police Department