Over the weekend, video emerged on social media that showed a scary clash between demonstrators in the Washington D.C. area. According to initial reports, the incident occurred right outside of the north area of the White House, so Secret Service agents inevitably became involved. By the end of January 5th, four individuals had been taken into custody.

Reports show that Jovi Val, an activist, was holding a rally in the area. The event was set to take place to support ‘oppressed’ conservatives. Val has been closely associated with the alt-right movement due in part to his support of James Alex Fields. Fields was the individual responsible for killing Heather Heyes by driving his vehicle into a crowd of people in Charlottesville.

As Val held his rally, a group of counter-protesters quickly appeared to demonstrate against the movement. According to Val and his supporters, some of the anti-Fascist group members began throwing balloons with an unknown substance towards Val. The perpetrators then attempted to flee the area.

Nearby Secret Service agents promptly identified and arrested the four culprits suspected of throwing the balloons. D.C. fire and police departments responded to the incident to test the contents of the balloons. In an abundance of caution, the north side of the White House was temporarily closed directly following the ordeal.

While it was eventually determined that the balloons simply contained water-based paint, the suspects were all still arrested. All four individuals have been charged with simple assault and taken to jail.