In an embarrassing public disaster, four members of the Jacksonville Jaguars football team have been arrested after allegedly failing to pay a massive $64,000 bar tab.

The four athletes, identified as 28-year-old D.J. Hayden, 30-year-old Barry Church, 24-year-old Jarrod Wilson and 21-year-old Ronnie Harrison, racked up the massive bill unexpectedly when they accepted multiple high-end gifts of champagne and other expensive alcohol. According to Barry Church, he and his teammates did not understand that they would have to foot the bill for what they thought were gifts. He explained, “There was definitely a misunderstanding.”

As the four men finished up their night and received their bill, they were flabbergasted. None of the players believed they could possibly owe that much. An argument broke out, and several eye witnesses reported seeing the football players scuffling with the bar’s team of security bouncers. One witness described the wrestling as “the West End equivalent of King Kong meeting Godzilla.”

Ultimately, the Metropolitan Police were called out to the bar. All four of the Jacksonville Jaguar players were arrested. They were charged with suspected fraud by false representation. The football players were held in custody for at least nine hours before they were released. The complaint against the players was immediately dropped once the bill tab was paid in full. Reports indicated that there were at least four or five other Jaguar players at the same bar, but they were not involved in the incident.

Mick Garafolo with the NFL Network has confirmed that the bill has since been taken care of.