On December 5th, The Cheesecake Factory teamed up with DoorDash to provide valued customers with free cheesecake. The deal was meant to be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Cheesecake Factory, but what resulted is now being called a cheesecake riot.

In one location in Virginia, DoorDash drivers were attempting to collect the hoards of orders from The Cheesecake Factory for delivery, but the overwhelming number of orders quickly caused the area to become chaotic. Drivers were forced to double park to make it into the restaurant, and the growing crowd of delivery drivers quickly swamped the entire area. Employees of the restaurant were forced to reach out to local police for help with both crowd control and traffic control as more and more delivery drivers continued to arrive at the restaurant.

The dozens of drivers attempted to maintain order, but eventually a fight broke out between some of the drivers. Police attempted to escort the instigator out of the restaurant, but he refused to comply with their demands. During the struggle, the suspect was injured. He was transported to the hospital for treatment, but police confirmed that he will be charged with disorderly conduct once he recovers.

Virginia Police were forced to remain at The Cheesecake Factory for the rest of the day to help maintain control over the swarm of drivers, customers and restaurant employees. The Troy Police Department posted on social media in response to the incident, “No free sample is worth a possible arrest. Even cheesecake.”