Maxine Feldstein, a 30-year-old woman from Arkansas, has been taken into police custody for helping her boyfriend escape from an Arkansas jail in a massively creative way.

Nicholas Lowe was originally arrested for identity theft. He had been detained in the Arkansas jail, but he was set to face extradition to another county for other charges. Feldstein met with Lowe while in jail, and the duo hatched a scheme to help him break free from his predicament. According to video evidence, Lowe directed Feldstein to impersonate a sheriff’s deputy. He told Feldstein to request a transfer for himself and blame it on problems with overcrowding.

On July 27, one Sargent working at the Arkansas facility received a phone call from Feldstein. She pretended to be “Deputy Kershaw,” and she said she was with the Ventura County Sheriff’s office. Feldstein questioned the Arkansas Sargent on whether or not they had received a fax for the release of Lowe. Sgt. Wingate gave the imposter her email address, and Feldstein sent over a forged document that looked like authentic. This fake document eventually led to Lowe’s release.

Just 48 hours after escaping the jail, an actual sheriff contacted the Arkansas detention center to pick up Lowe. Jail staff immediately recognized they had been duped, and investigators began working to uncover what happened. Both Lowe and Feldstein were located at a hotel in Missouri, and they were both promptly arrested. Feldstein is being charged with forgery, criminal impersonation and being an accomplice to escape.