The story of a homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, giving his last $20 to help get gas for Kate McClure when she had a roadside emergency warmed hearts throughout the nation. When the news story first broke, media outlets praised McClure for sharing her experiences and setting up a GoFundMe account for the good Samaritan, Bobbitt.

It didn’t take long for the positive story to go viral, and before long, thousands of citizens were contributing donations to help get Bobbitt off the street and into his own home. Most people believed the story would end there, but Bobbitt and the New Jersey couple who set up the GoFundMe went viral again when reports began surfacing that the couple was not allowing Bobbitt to have the donations. Instead, it was alleged that the couple were spending the funds to support their own lavish lifestyle.

The public was crushed by these allegations, so police launched an investigation into the GoFundMe account, Bobbitt and the New Jersey couple. Now, the trio is going viral again because they have all been arrested for taking part in the campaign. Prosecutors have now confirmed that the entire story was “predicated on a lie.” According to police, the trio were friends prior to telling the completely bogus story about Bobbitt helping McClure. They all conspired to makeup a fake story that would encourage sympathetic individuals to donate money. Now, they’ve all been charged with second-degree theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft.

After learning about the arrests, GoFundMe released a statement. They explained, “committing fraud, whether it takes place on or offline, is against the law.” They further confirmed that they will be refunding all of the $400,000 to the 14,000 individuals who donated to the scam.