Law enforcement officials from around the country have been baffled by the so-called Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist cases for decades. After years of intense investigation, authorities have finally arrested a suspect who they believe committed a string of serial criminal acts throughout his lifetime.

The suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., was finally identified after authorities were able to covertly obtain a DNA sample from a discarded item. Task forces had been conducting surveillance on the suspect for an unknown period of time before they were able to collect the evidence. They compared the DNA sample with samples left by the Golden State Killer, and they found a match.

Authorities believe the suspect may have been knowledgeable about the inside workings of murder cases because he is a former police officer. The suspect was eventually dismissed from his police officer position back in 1979 when he stole a hammer and dog repellent from a drug store.

These cases were so difficult to solve because most of the crimes had not been connected to a singular suspect until recently. Now, authorities believe the same person is responsible for twelve different murders spanning from 1978 to 1986. They believe the same individual is guilty of raping at least 46 women. DeAngelo is currently being charged with eight counts of murder, but it’s likely that additional charges will be added. The suspect has a few minor charges in his past, but he does not have an extensive criminal record or anything that would indicate red flags for investigators.

Residents in Citrus Heights are shocked to discover that the Golden State Killer suspect has been living amongst them for several years.