The U.S. State Department is becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of one American citizen after he was arrested while vacationing in Vietnam.

The United States citizen, Will Nguyen, is an alumni of Yale University and a master’s degree student currently studying at Singapore University. During a break from school, the 32-year-old decided to travel abroad to Vietnam. The trip had a special significance to Nguyen because his family had fled Vietnam in the 1970s during the war. Victoria Nguyen, the suspect’s sister, highlighted her brother’s passion for learning about politics in Southeast Asia. She confirmed that her brother was specifically seeking his master’s degree related to the politics of the region.

On June 10, the passionate student happened upon an ongoing protest. Intrigued, Nguyen pushed to learn more about the event. He learned protesters were gathering to fight a recent land concession proposal. Nguyen decided to join in on the activities, but a short time later he was being dragged off by several men with a serious head wound.

Viral video has emerged online of the violent arrest. Nguyen can be seen being hauled off while profusely bleeding from a wound on his head and face. The suspect’s Airbnb host contacted Nguyen’s family to inform them that police had gone through his apartment. According to the Airbnb host, Vietnamese police confiscated the suspect’s laptop, passport and credit cards.

Several lawmakers from California reached out the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam regarding the incident. Representatives made it clear that Nguyen must be released immediately. Members from the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam were able to make contact with Nguyen and relayed that he is recovering from his physical injuries.