A federal grand jury has indicted six individuals with different charges related to the gruesome murder of Robert Caldwell last year. The indictment describes how the victim’s ex-wife and her boyfriend had been cyberstalking and harassing the victim leading up to the murder. Tawnney Caldwell, the victim’s ex-wife, allegedly obstructed justice when she decided to delete important information on her cell phone. She allegedly deleted all the contents and data from her cell phone. Caldwell and Chandra Harmon conspired to threaten and intimidate different witnesses with information about the harassment and murder.

Sterling Roberts, Tawnney Caldwell’s boyfriend, was arrested when new information came to light about a haunting 9-1-1 phone call from the victim two weeks before his murder. The 9-1-1 recording reveals that Robert Caldwell was in fear for his life. Caldwell told the dispatcher that Sterling Roberts was chasing him down, trying to lure him and attempting to kill him. He explicitly stated the suspect’s name, and he told the dispatcher that Sterling and his girlfriend were enraged about recently losing full custody over their children.

The indictment alleges that Sterling illegally purchased a firearm with the help of James Harmon, Christopher Robert and Chance Roberts. These three were charged with aiding and abetting Sterling’s illegal gun possession.

This case is still ongoing. 14-year-old Jacob Lee Caldwell, the victim’s son, went missing on the day of his father’s murder. His whereabouts are unknown, and there is currently a $15,000 reward being offered by the FBI for information leading to the recovery of the boy.