WLWT Cincinnati reports that a drug-dealing granny in southeastern Indiana has been arrested for having her son mail her four pounds of marijuana via the U.S. mail. Debra Ferguson was taken into custody after detectives found the weed, cash and pipes in her apartment. Just a couple doors down from her apartment was a marijuana operation she never utilized.

Ferguson was caught with 720 grams of marijuana in Aurora last month. She told authorities her son mailed it to her from California, putting the U.S. Postal Service in the middle of the family’s drug deal.

Cops were tipped off by a concerned citizen when they intercepted a package at the post office addressed to “Grandma Stinker.”

Ferguson also lives with her daughter and granddaughter in her apartment.

Detectives believe she had been receiving the packages of marijuana for months. Ferguson told authorities she moved to Indiana last year and admitted to receiving weed via mail from her son and sending him money in exchange. She also admitted to buying meth.

According to Ferguson, her daughter and granddaughter had no idea the marijuana was being shipped to her.

Ferguson has also been arrested in the past in Idaho on meth delivery charges.

Ferguson and her son, Eric Anderson, are facing charges of corrupt business influence and conspiracy to dean marijuana in an amount over 30 grams but less than 10 pounds. Anderson has yet to be arrested, but a warrant has been issued in his name. He will be extradited to Indiana upon his arrest.

*Photo credit Hearst Television, Inc.