FOX News reports a man has been arrested after a 2-year-old fatally shot himself in the head in California. Oscar Ramos, 35, is suspected of leaving a loaded gun unsecured when the toddler found it and fatally shot himself.

Ramos was arrested Monday by Fresno Police and charged with criminal storage of a firearm in the first degree. His bail is set at $30,000.

The incident happened on Saturday, when Ramos allegedly left a loaded gun unsecured in his home in Fresno. The toddler was rushed to the hospital after the accidental shooting, but he died from his injuries. The boy’s father shared the home with Ramos, but they are not related. The father was not home when the shooting occurred.

The father allegedly told Ramos not to leave the gun unsecured in the past, and Ramos takes full responsibility for the incident.

California state laws require that guns be stored in a locked location. Failure to do so can lead to up to three years in prison.

There is no record of attorney for Ramos publicly available.

*Photo credit FOX News, Inc.