A staff member working at Las Mañanitas restaurant was the first to notice an odd individual in Seguin, Texas on December 30th. The individual used the restaurant’s bathroom for nearly half an hour before coming out adorning a surgical face shield, tactical clothing and a seemingly loaded firearm. He began asking the restaurant staff where the nearest Baptist church could be located. He also asked nervous staff for rides to the church, but they refused numerous times. He eventually left the business, and the staff quickly locked the door. Concerned, the witnesses reported the incident to local police at about 7 A.M. According to witnesses, the staff members all hid in the kitchen until the police arrived.

Before authorities arrived at the scene, an off-duty officer also spotted the person. The off-duty officer was on his way home when he noticed the suspicious suspect. He confronted the armed suspect who allegedly told him he was on his way to church to fulfill a prophecy. Local police arrived a short time later and began to question the suspect.

The armed individual was identified as 33-year-old Tony Albert. Police discovered he had marijuana in his possession, and he was also openly carrying a weapon after being convicted of a felony in the past. He was arrested for both crimes and transported to the Guadalupe County Jail. The county prosecutor, David Willborn, does not believe there is any indication of mental illness.

In a Facebook post, the Seguin Police Department expressed their thankfulness towards the citizens who initially reported the incident. They explained, “If this subject was not stopped and apprehended the results could have ended differently.”