The Associated Press reports that a gunman is currently holding 4 children hostage in Florida. The suspect allegedly shot an officer in Orlando before barricading himself in an apartment. Police are urging him to release the four hostages and end the standoff that has lasted more than 12 hours.

Gary Lindsey, 35, is the suspect and has talked to negotiators five times since the standoff began around midnight Sunday. The hostages range from one to 11 years old. Some are Lindsey’s children and others belong to his girlfriend.

The girlfriend called officers to the couple’s apartment for a domestic dispute, but when they arrived there was gunfire. Officer Kevin Valencia was shot, and another officer returned fire.

Valencia is expected to survive, but had to undergo surgery. He is in his late 20s and has been an officer since 2016.

Lindsey has a prior record of arson, battery and theft. He is also currently on probation.

The apartment complex was evacuated last night after the shooting and taken to a local hotel. Down the road, officers had the street blocked and asked drivers for identification proving they lived in one of the complexes before being escorted by officers.

*Photo credit The Associated Press