Sexual misconduct within Hollywood has become increasingly apparent with the #MeToo movement, and one of the industry’s biggest offenders, Harvey Weinstein, is expected to turn himself in on multiple counts of sexual assault on May 25th.

Weinstein is facing multiple allegations, but the one that may take him down stems from one victim, Lucia Evans. The victim was a college student back in 2004 seeking to become a famous actress when she met the perpetrator, Weinstein, at a nightclub.

The hopeful actress was ecstatic when the famous producer invited her to his office for a meeting. When Evans arrived for the meeting, the producer became aggressive and pushed her head towards his private parts. She protested and expressed a desire for the producer to stop, but he overpowered the hopeful actress. She was coerced into giving Weinstein oral sex that day.

This devastating tale of abuse of power by the Hollywood producer is unfortunately one of many. Over 80 different women have accused the producer of assault, sexual harassment, rape or other unsolicited sexual advances. Many of these allegations come from very famous and powerful Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Weinstein has been able to avoid criminal prosecution by silencing his victims through bribery, coercion, threats or providing them with desirable roles in Hollywood. He allegedly also paid Israeli spies and the National Enquirer to help deflect accusations against him.

Last year, however, his life imploded as he was outed as the sexual predator he really is. Once worth over $300 million, the producer is now facing several multi-million-dollar lawsuits. He is expected to turn himself into authorities on May 25th to face sentencing for his charges of sexual assault against Evans.