The community in Polk County, Florida, is distraught over recent accusations against the headmaster of the Kingdom Preparatory School. The accusations led to an investigation, and the investigation resulted in the headmaster’s arrest. Initial reports suggest the headmaster molested at least two victims who were students at the school.

Back on February 4th, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was informed about the situation, and they immediately became involved. They began investigating the headmaster, 34-year-old Charles Aguon II, and the reported victims.

One of the victims, a male student, told the detectives that Aguon had “simulated” sex with him on numerous occasions. He also reported that Aguon had touched his private areas at least twice.

During a press conference, police confirmed that they had evidence of an inappropriate conversation between “Pastor Tiger” and a 15-year-old student. The conversation occurred just hours before Aguon’s arrest. The victim tried to call the headmaster, with investigators listening in on the line, and tell his abuser that he felt uncomfortable with his sexual behavior towards him. Investigators could tell that Aguon was being abusive based on the conversation. Aguon later confessed that his behavior on the call was ‘inappropriate.’

Despite this admission, the formerly beloved headmaster, often called “Pastor Tiger”, is being fiercely defended by several community members. One woman told ABC Action News, “I absolutely do not think that he did it whatsoever.” Other parents agreed, telling the news station one after another that it was just a giant misunderstanding.

It’s clear that Pastor Tiger is well-trusted in his community, so police fear there may be more victims who are unwilling or afraid to come forward. Sheriff Judd, an officer with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, explained how the pastor’s behavior was “grooming the boy” for future abuse.

Aguon was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail. He is currently facing two felony counts of lewd molestation.