Famous actress Heather Locklear appears to be in a downward spiral. Just days after being released from a psychiatric stay, the actress allegedly punched a police officer and kicked an emergency medical professional who had responded to a call regarding her well-being.

The most recent incident began when a concerned family member phoned the local police regarding the unwell star. The family member was worried about Locklear’s behavior. The star had recently returned home after becoming violent towards her family and threatening to commit suicide weeks earlier. According to reports, Locklear had learned about her boyfriend’s infidelities and the truth had sent her into a spiraling depression.

When police arrived on scene, they discovered a very aggressive and intoxicated Locklear. They attempted to separate the suspect from her family for questioning when she become inconsolable. She allegedly punched the deputy attempting to speak with her. Paramedics arrived and attempted to get the suspect to voluntarily lay down for treatment. She kicked the medical staff, so police decided to arrest her. She was charged with two counts of battery against a police officer and an emergency personnel.

Later on in the evening, the star easily posted bail. Law enforcement officers later confirmed to news journalists that they had also been to the suspect’s home earlier on in the day for another disturbance. No one was arrested the first time, but officers felt compelled to detain the suspect after being called out a second time that evening. TMZ reports that Locklear is on her way to a hospital where she is expected to voluntarily check herself in for treatment.