Starbucks has been facing public criticism for recent actions suggesting systematic racism by employees, and now another patron in an Alabama Starbucks has discovered a hidden camera in the store’s restroom facilities.

The disturbing discovery was identified when a woman noticed a small camera taped inside of a bathroom stall. The small device was hidden under the baby changing station. Enraged, the patron ripped the device from the wall and immediately informed the manager on duty. The patron was shocked when the manager on duty claimed he would notify the corporate office, but he expressed no intention of getting the police involved.

The patron insisted that the police be called out the Starbucks. Police arrived, and the patron handed over the camera. Authorities quickly uncovered at least 25 videos stored of the device. Several clips showed unsuspecting victims using the facilities. An officer explained to FOX 5 news that the camera held over an hour’s worth of footage. Around eight to ten women were caught on film, but thankfully officers confirmed that the video quality was extremely poor. No “private” areas are visible in the tapes.

Police have begun an investigation into this crime, and one Starbucks spokesperson praised the patron for taking action to involve the appropriate authorities. Police do not yet have a person of interest or suspect in this case, but they have made it clear that the person responsible will be facing felony eavesdropping charges. They will continue to update the public with more information as it becomes available.