One North Carolina school’s idea of a fun summer activity has led to the arrest of a 17-year-old student when he became too aggressive during the games on June 8. The lighthearted activities ended with a massive police presence at the high school for crowd control and the ultimate dispersal of the students back to class.

According to authorities, the incident began around lunchtime at Glenn High School. Students leaving the cafeteria began playing an innocent water game with various water guns and balloons. Police estimate that around 150 students participated in the games. The majority of the students complied with the school’s rules and regulations regarding the event, but one young student took the games way too far.

Police reports indicate that one student began causing problems when he started intentionally spraying a staff member in the face. He was asked to stop but refused to comply. The irritated staff member attempted to take away the toy water gun, and the student started assaulting the staff member.

Thankfully, a nearby school resource officer witnessed the assault and rushed over to help. When the officer stepped in, the student began physically assaulting him as well. Local police were called in to assist with the situation, and they arrested the 17-year-old. Several officers responded to the school for crowd control. They helped usher the remaining students back to class. No one was injured during the water gun and balloon incident.

The unidentified student is being held at Forsyth Co. Detention Center. He is facing charges including resisting an officer, disorderly conduct and assault on a government official.