The New York Daily News reports that actress Allison Mack, former star on “Smallville,” has been arrested for playing a part in a sex cult that turned women into sex slaves.

Mack, 35, recruited women aggressively for a secret society dubbed “DOS.” The society was led by Keith Raniere. Mack ranked just below Raniere in the ring, and required the sex slaves to engage in sexual activity with Raniere in upstate New York.

Mack would allegedly give Raniere naked photos of the women, and knew he enjoyed sex with “multiple young women.” In return for serving as his pimp, Mack was paid in money and other benefits.

Slaves of the cult were forced to take part in a nude ritual where they were branded with a symbol including Raniere’s initials. Mack would put her hands on the victims’ chests during the branding and encourage them to “feel the pain” and “think of (their) master.”

Mack faces 15 years to life in prison for sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy charges.

Born in Germany, Mack appeared on 10 seasons of “Smallville” as Chloe Sullivan, beginning in October of 2001. She also starred in “Wilfred” for four years with Elijah Wood.

Raniere orchestrated the cult as an ongoing extortion plot, forcing the slaves to follow him or risk revealing “highly damaging information about themselves or family members.”

Raniere, 57, lived outside of Albany and received finances to run his cult from an heir to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, Clare Bronfman. He was arrested March 25 in Mexico and returned to the U.S., awaiting his bail hearing this Friday.

*Photo credit Bryan Bedder/Getty Images