One Floridian suspect’s arrest went viral this week for a hilarious reason. Video footage shows the suspect attempting to flee from the police, but authorities got some unexpected help from a herd of cows who unexpectedly wrangle in the fleeing suspect.

The police pursuit first began when officers noticed a Subaru SUV that was reported stolen. They initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the driver immediately sped off. After going a short distance, the car slammed into a ditch. One passenger remained inside of the vehicle in cooperation with police orders, but two other suspects, including the driver, took off running.

Jamie Michael Young, the driver of the stolen vehicle, was apprehended with the assistance of a police dog. Jennifer Kaufman, the other passenger, started running and hopped the fence into a nearby field. Little did she know, the field she jumped into was filled with territorial cows. The panicked cows immediately began chasing the suspect. Aerial footage of the scene shows around 20 cows chasing Kaufman. One cow appears to get dangerously close to the suspect, but it quickly backs off. A pilot watching the drama unfold confirmed that the cows helped him keep a visual on the suspect, but he was concerned that they may attack her.

The pursuing cows eventually convince the suspect to hop back over the fence. Authorities then took her into custody. Police also found drug paraphernalia and 1.3 grams of cocaine in the Subaru. Both fleeing suspects were arrested and charged resisting arrest, trespassing, drug possession and theft.