Johnny Bobbitt Jr., a formerly homeless veteran, became an internet sensation when he supposedly helped a distressed driver refill her gas tank in a dangerous neighborhood. The driver was allegedly so moved by Bobbitt’s actions that she started a GoFundMe account to help him. Sadly, it was later revealed that the entire story was a total fabrication and scam.

On January 9th, Bobbitt was arrested again in Fishtown after he attempted to skip a court hearing regarding the GoFundMe scheme. The issue is no small matter because hundreds of online donors contributed nearly $400,000 after the bogus story went viral. Bobbitt allegedly received around $75,000 from the couple who started the page. The couple and Bobbitt may have ultimately gotten away with the scam if Bobbitt had never decided to pursue more money from the couple. He shed light onto the incident by arguing the couple never paid him the full amount of the donations which prompted an investigation into the incident. Despite the story’s publicity and the seriousness of Bobbitt’s offense, he thought he could skip out on the first scheduled hearing. Now, he is facing extradition back to New Jersey where he will be additionally charged with violating the conditions of his release from jail.

Bobbitt is now facing a host of criminal charges for the scandal including theft by deception, conspiracy and fraud. The couple who started the GoFundMe page have also been arrested and released from jail while they await trial. Bobbitt is being represented by the Burlington County Office of the Public Defender. While they have been contacted by several media outlets regarding the case, they have declined to comment on the recent arrest of their client Mr. Bobbitt.