Luis Aguilar, a 23-year-old resident of Los Angeles, has been arrested for trespassing after a strange publicity stunt.

At about 2 P.M. on August 27, the jokester jumped over a fence protecting the northernmost section of the Los Angeles International Airport. The fence, located around Sepulveda and Lincoln Boulevards, was nearby runway 24. The prankster dangerously decided to sprint down the nearby runway unaware that a Delta flight was preparing for takeoff. Incredibly, the suspect stopped directly in the runway and began to perform pushups.

Almost immediately, police officers detained the suspect and placed him in the back of a police car. Passengers on the Delta flight captured photographs and video of the event, and many uploaded the evidence to social media websites throughout the day. Some photographs taken by witnesses around the terminal depicted at least ten police cars surrounding the suspect, and some videos showed the Delta plane stopping in its tracks. One comedian who was a passenger on the Delta flight posted to Twitter about the hilarity of the man’s pushup routine.

Although some people found this man’s action’s comical, police did not. It’s unclear what the man’s motives were, but some hypothesized that he may have been attempting to either stop or jump aboard the Delta flight. The suspect was interviewed by both airport police and the FBI. Authorities ordered a mental health evaluation on Aguilar after discovering he has had previous mental health issues. According to police reports, Aguilar was homeless when he was taken into custody, and he didn’t have any identification on him.