Over the weekend, guests vacationing at the Village Inn noticed an unusual and suspicious amount of traffic coming and going from one of the hotel rooms, so concerned patrons decided to contact the local police department.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call on June 2. After interviewing several individuals in neighboring hotel rooms, authorities had reason to suspect that the hotel room was being used to traffic drugs.

Officers approached the room and the guest identified himself as Robert Cooper. The 56-year-old is a resident of Miami. After some convincing, the suspect conceded to allow the police to search the hotel room for anything suspicious. Authorities quickly discovered wads of cash shoved into socks and drugs stashed within a bucket. One deputy confirmed the substance in the bucket was cocaine.

Cooper explained to authorities that he had won the cash from a casino after gambling the previous day. The socks contained a total of $7,685 in cash. The suspect could not recall the casino’s name or location. While being probed further about the drugs and cash, a sandwich bag fell out of his shorts. Officers picked up the bag and discovered several triangle-shaped pills. Each pill was imprinted with “p/d”, and they have been sent off to a lab to determine exactly what type of drugs they are.

Robert Cooper was arrested. He is being charged with trafficking and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. It’s unclear whether additional charges will be filed once laboratory reports come back on the additional drugs found in the suspect’s pocket.