On October 4, another round of protesters descended on the Capitol to demonstrate against the confirmation of potential Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh, who has been facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, has been the main focus of the media for the past several weeks.

On Thursday, a group of individuals decided to stage a protest at the Hart Senate Office Building in hopes of encouraging senators to vote against confirming Kavanaugh. Among the protesters were several well-known faces like comedian Amy Schumer. Demonstrators urged senators to have faith and “believe survivors.” Several protestors took a stand staying, “I am a survivor.”

This giant demonstration occurred one day before the final vote over Kavanaugh. Protests are expected to continue to take place up until the final moments of the vote because many believe this is “their last chance to be heard.” Organizers promised that more well-known faces will be joining the fight including Alicia Keys, Emily Ratajkowski and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

U.S. Capitol Police broke up the rally claiming it was an unlawful demonstration in the Hart building. An overwhelming 293 people were taken into police custody including Amy Schumer. As the star was being led away, one photographer captured an iconic photo of Schumer raising her fist in solidarity with other victims. Nine additional demonstrators were arrested for holding a separate protest near the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

There was also a much smaller counter protest occurring simultaneously. U.S. Capitol Police have been working diligently to contain the situation, but they hope things will calm down a little after the final vote takes place today.