Hurricane Florence swept over the East Coast over the weekend, and rain continues to pour from the skies increasing the flooded areas across North Carolina. The city of Wilmington has been impacted more than other areas. The majority of the city’s residents are currently without power, and severe flooding has cut off outside access to the city. Woody White, a chairman for New Hanover County, reiterated, “Do not come here. There’s no access to Wilmington.”

One local news station was filming the damage in the area when they stumbled upon a group of looters at a Family Dollar store. Footage obtained from WECT showed dozens of individuals going into the store and carrying out multiple items. The news station alerted the store’s management who promptly reported the crime to local police. Police initially stood down because of the ongoing weather crisis, but they did respond by extending a curfew in the area. The new curfew was set from 5 P.M. until the following morning at 6 A.M. The citywide curfew ran from 10 P.M. until 6 A.M.

Police did review the tapes recorded by WECT, and they confirmed that many of the suspects could be identified based on the footage. The Wilmington Police Department later released a statement about the video. They confirmed that the offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. At least five of the suspects captured on the video have already been arrested for their part in the looting. Police are asking the community to help them identify the remaining individuals in the video.