Donald Trump has continued to make it clear that his administration will strongly enforce immigration policies. Over the past week, over 25 different individuals have been arrested and detained in Atlanta, Georgia by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

ICE agents arrived at Roots Bakery, Bistro & Bar in search of a suspect who failed to appear in court. Luis David Ordonez and Cruz Enrique Ordonez Guerra were both working in the area cleaning up a mobile home when the officers arrived. Luis needed to call his brother to the scene to interpret because he couldn’t fully understand the officer’s questions and demands. Once Gabriel Ordonez Ramos arrived to translate, ICE agents arrested the three brothers instead of their intended target. Now, the three brothers are being held in a detention center where they will wait possible deportation hearings.

At least 22 others are also being detained with the brothers. An ICE spokesman, Bryan Cox, explained that most of those who have been arrested have criminal convictions beyond immigration violations. In response, one nonprofit group has set up a GoFundMe page for the three restaurant workers. The page is seeking donations to raise funds for legal fees related to the three brother’s arrest, and they hope to reach a goal of $30,000.

The co-owner of the brother’s restaurant, Turtle Harrison, explained to news reporters that the detained suspects don’t have any criminal records. Police officials have also expressed concern with the ICE agents because they didn’t inform local law enforcement about their intentions.

The National Immigration Law Center feels that ICE agencies are now targeting specific people: those who entered the country illegally at any time. There has been a giant increase in collateral arrests including people who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time like the three brothers.