The Trump Administration has come under heavy fire for their policies regarding migrant families. As a result of the United States legal system, thousands of families were separated, and children were temporarily detained in federal custody while their parents were processed.

On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were asked to testify to Congress regarding recent arrests. The agency arrested 41 undocumented immigrants who came forward seeking reunification with some of the children in the past few months. CNN submitted an inquiry with ICE and were informed that about 70 percent of these arrests were directly related to immigration violations. Only 12 of the 41 arrests were related to criminal activity outside of immigration. The arrests occurred from July to early September, and they are directly a result of a recently signed memorandum requiring a background check and fingerprint analysis of any sponsors who come forward to claim immigrant children.

This memorandum was recently signed to help protect these vulnerable children. It was recently uncovered that governmental agencies were unable to account for the whereabouts of thousands of children after being released from custody, and everyone wanted to prevent this mistake from happening again.

The U.S. Health and Human Services is becoming overloaded with an increasing number of children in custody. These newest policies, while they have the best of intentions, are taxing the already struggling system. Advocates fear that these recent arrests will deter future sponsors from coming forward, and children may be suffering due to the policies.