On June 20th, President Donald Trump signed an executive order demanding the immediate halt of the separation of families being detained by federal immigration agents. Despite this progressive order, President Trump made it clear that the administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy regarding illegal immigration was still in full effect.

This couldn’t be more apparent because just hours later, nearly 100 agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency descended on a meat plant and arrested almost 150 individuals for suspicion of being in the country illegally. Federal agents believe that hundreds of workers within the meat plant had utilized fraudulent or stolen identification to gain employment with the business. The agents arrived with search warrants to see the identification of over 200 employees after a year-long investigation into the company’s hiring process. This recent raid is the largest worksite raid that has occurred within the last decade, and it occurred without any prior notice to the company.

A few of the workers were immediately deported while a large number are being held in detention centers throughout Ohio and Michigan.

Several of those detained were later released when it was determined that they were legally working in the U.S. ICE additionally confirmed that they released some of the employers for humanitarian concerns, health reasons or family responsibilities. Among those released from detainment included one leukemia victim and one mother who was seven months pregnant.

Fresh Mark, the meat plant being raided, confirmed to news outlets that ICE agents had made an appearance at four different Ohio plants, but they didn’t confirm whether the business was under federal investigation for hiring undocumented workers. The company currently employs over 1,000 individuals.