It remains unclear why the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency appears to be targeting legal immigrants with minor criminal convictions and detaining them. One California resident, Natalie Garcia, has spoken out to new reporters about her father’s disheartening detainment that occurred right in the front yard of the home he owns.

Natalie was asleep inside the family home when she was startled awake around 7 A.M. on June 10th by her father’s screams. She could hear him yelling her name and immediately feared a possible medical emergency. She rushed outside to find her father being arrested by eight agents. The agents briefly told Natalie that they didn’t have to show her the administrative warrant for her father’s arrest, and they took off with her father in handcuffs.

Jose Luis Garcia, the suspect who was arrested, is a resident of San Fernando Valley in California. The 62-year-old legally immigrated to the United States over 50 years ago when he was just 13 years old. He attended public school in Glendale, become a longtime legal permanent U.S. resident and later purchased a home in the area.

Garcia paid his taxes appropriately, but he never became a U.S. citizen. He maintains his citizenship with Mexico. Natalie Garcia did admit to journalists that her father had a minor criminal past. Eighteen years ago, he was convicted for a misdemeanor domestic violence issue. He completed his sentence which included both probation and anger management.

The gentleman was having his morning coffee while watering his lawn when he was approached by the ICE agents in his front yard. ICE agents confirmed that Garcia was arrested, and his past criminal convictions make him eligible for removal from the country.