Shawn Paul Melonakos, a 29-year-old resident of Texas, has gone viral after being arrested over the weekend and taking an iconic cheesy mugshot.

Odessa Police were called out to The Door of Hope Thrift Store in Odessa about a robbery in progress on August 18th. A concerned citizen who was shopping in the thrift store alleged that Melonakos had attempted to take merchandise out of the store without paying. The male employee noticed the suspect’s behavior, so he stepped outside to confront him.

When confronted about the theft, Melonakos reportedly grabbed a nearby stone. He aggressively threatened the male citizen with the rock in hand. The citizen told police that he feared for his life, so he took out his legal concealed firearm. He brandished the weapon and discharged it one time to intimidate the thief. At that point, Melonakos took off running.

The male citizen enlisted the help of another citizen to chase after the man. The duo captured him and detained him under a citizen’s arrest until cops arrived. Responding officers questioned Melonakos who gave them a false name and birthday. After some brief research, police were able to properly identify the suspect, and they also realized he had an active warrant for a parole violation. The suspect also had methamphetamine on him.

Melonakos was charged with violating parole, a failure to identify, robbery and possession of a controlled substance. He is being held on a $34,000 bond at the Ector County Law Enforcement Center where he took the iconic mugshot.