Jared McGoveran, a 33-year-old white male, has just escaped from the Kenosha Correctional Center, and police are currently searching for the suspect. He is described as 5 feet and 10 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Authorities say he weighs around 160 pounds, and they have released his mugshot to the public. Anyone with any type of information that could lead authorities to McGoveran is being asked to call their local law enforcement agency.

Kenosha Correctional Center typically holds inmates who are nearing the end of their jail sentence, so inmates are usually given a little more freedom than in traditional prisons. The center has both work release and community work crew programs, and the entire grounds are surrounded only by a low fence.

McGovern had been transferred to Kenosha Correctional Center on May 7th. Three days later, at around 9 p.m., he escaped the area. Prison guards became aware of the escape the next morning at head count. They reviewed the surveillance tapes and found that McGovern had leaped over the fencing, crossed into a parking lot area and ran down the street until he was out of view. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had recently told a relative that he wanted to be transferred to a minimum-security prison in hopes of escaping his armed robbery charges. If convicted, then the suspect could potentially face 30 more years in prison.

McGovern already spent seven years in prison after being charged in 2006, but he was currently facing armed robbery charges for an incident that occurred in December of 2016 while he was out of jail on supervision.