Sean Castorina, a 43-year-old inmate at the Alamance County Detention Center, was convicted of murdering an 84-year-old victim last year, and he is currently serving a minimum of 13 years in prison. While incarcerated, Castorina befriended several other inmates and began devising a horrific plot. Thankfully, police uncovered and foiled the conspiracy before the inmates could carry out their plan, and it was all thanks to a letter that was inadvertently mailed to the wrong address.

On December 6th, a citizen of Graham received a letter in the mail. Before she realized it was addressed to someone else, she opened it up and began reading the letter. The citizen was baffled and concerned when she realized the letter contained floor plans of the Alamance County Detention Center and detailed instructions about where a bomb could be placed for maximum damage. Immediately, she reached out to authorities.

Police analyzed the letter’s contents and recognized that it came from the incarcerated inmate Sean Castorina. He was attempting to send the letter out to two formerly imprisoned inmates, Shannon Gurkin and Dakota Marek. The trio had come up with the plot while they were all still in jail, but Shannon and Dakota had already been legally released after serving their time. The three are being described as anarchists who do not believe in the concept of law and order. They wanted to blow a hole in the wall of the jail to help aid Castorina in his escape. Once he was free, the three hoped to escape the country.

Now, Castorina is facing four counts of felony conspiracy, one count of an attempted jail escape and two counts of making a weapon of mass destruction. His two co-conspirators have also been re-arrested and charged. Shannon and Dakota have been charged with the malicious use of an explosive to damage property.