On Christmas Day, gas station patrons near 915 North Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were met with a barrage of bullets. In all, six shots were fired into the convenience store. Three victims were wounded and rushed to the nearby St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Thankfully, none of the wounds were life-threatening.

Investigators promptly identified a suspect. Few details have been released because he is a minor. The juvenile male was identified as the brother of another juvenile who had recently been taken into police custody for murdering 12-year-old Clinton Howell. Howell was also targeted in a similar drive-by shooting at his home on Willow Street. The youngster was shot one time in the chest. Authorities interviewing the suspect revealed that the drive-by shooting was a set-up, but the target was another person. Howell had been shot by mistake. The suspect was ultimately held on a detainer after ICE identified him as an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica.

His brother has now been implicated in the Christmas day shooting of three victims. He was taken into police custody and initially charged with illegally possessing a weapon. While no further charges have formally levied against him, the police department expects to add on additional charges as the investigation continues.

Despite the obvious familial connection between the two shooting suspects, investigators do not believe the two incidents are related at this time. Three other juvenile suspects were arrested in connection to the Howell shooting, but it still remains unclear what motivated these group of youngsters to commit such atrocities against innocent victims throughout the city.