Carol Fowler, a 48-year-old council member in Huron, Kansas, was served an arrest warrant on June 29. The elected council member allegedly flew into an extreme violent rage and she has yet to calm down from her emotional state enough to face a judge. Fowler remains in jail on a $25,000 bond, and she has been charged with numerous crimes.

The Atchison County Sheriff’s office has confirmed that the council member’s warrant stemmed from a previous incident involving their deputies. The suspect had recently had a run-in with officers where she was allegedly under the influence and uncooperative. Her interference with law enforcement resulted in the warrant being served on June 29.

When officers arrived, Fowler became combative. Deputies confirmed the suspect hit, kicked and scratched them repeatedly. Officers were forced to use a taser after several policemen suffered minor injuries. She was taken to jail but was unable to complete the booking process in her emotional state.

Three days later, prison guards attempted to finish booking Fowler, but she still refused to cooperate on any level. When guards asked the suspect to remove her jewelry, she allegedly bit into one correctional officer’s thumb so severely that the bone was broken. Fowler was supposed to attend her initial court hearing later on in the same day, but it was rescheduled due to her mental state.

Fowler is facing multiple charges including two counts of battery on law enforcement officers and interfering with law enforcement. The council member is still listed as employed on the county’s website, but investigators determined she was only elected to office with two votes. The small town has a population of only 73.