53-year-old Ronald Jenkins visited his local KFC restaurant on December 29th hoping to satisfy his hunger. What he got instead, however, was a broken tooth and video footage that has since gone viral.

Since the incident, the KFC franchise was forced to issue an apology, fire the fast food worker in the video and publicly state that “the actions of the employee were unacceptable.”

According to Jenkins, he arrived at the KFC’s drive-thru, placed his order and moved toward the window.

He paid the employee, who reportedly handled the money before returning to prepare the customer’s food. Jenkins immediately noticed the worker did not wash their hands after handling the money, and the employee never attempted to put on gloves or a hairnet.

Unsatisfied, he took out his cellphone camera and began filming the employees. Jenkins told media outlets that he planned on showing the footage to the store’s manager and asking for a refund.

Shade Renee Simmons, the 30-year-old fast food employee, suddenly noticed the customer recording, and she became irate. She returned to the window and began asking, “What is you recording?”

The two have a brief verbal exchange before Shade grabs Jenkins’ fried chicken and violently slung it towards the victim. “Get your food. Bye,” she stated.

Unfortunately, the bag of fried chicken slammed into the victim’s phone. Because of the phone’s position, it smashed into Jenkins’ mouth. A tooth was broken, and he began bleeding.

Enraged, he immediately went into the store and collected a refund from the manager. Next, he visited the local police station and handed over the footage. Shade Simmons was ultimately fired from her job and arrested by police. She was charged with battery using a “personal or special weapon.”

The victim told media outlets that he will never visit the KFC location again despite the employee’s termination. He is considering pursuing a civil suit against the angry fast food worker.