On October 24th, Gregory A. Bush stormed into a Jeffersontown grocery store and gunned down two victims. Investigators have been working diligently to uncover the suspect’s motives in this brutal attack. On October 29th, the Mayor of Jeffersontown, Bill Dieruf, confirmed that authorities are now considering the act a hate crime.

According to investigations, Bush, a white 51-year-old, originally attempted to visit a nearby black church to gun down victims. One of the members of the church saw the suspect banging on the door, but the doors had already been locked after their morning services. The witness said there was about eight to ten people inside, but thankfully the gunman never got inside the building. He failed at gaining access to the congregation, so he instead visited the area’s Kroger. Inside, he fatally shot two victims who were both black. One bystander told police that Bush did not harm him. Instead, the suspect reportedly told the witness, “whites don’t shoot whites.”

Bush attempted to flee the area, but a legally armed citizen happened to be in the parking lot when the shooter exited the store. The civilian exchanged numerous rounds of gunfire with the Kroger shooter, but Bush was able to escape. Police caught up with Bush minutes later. He is currently facing ten counts of wanton endangerment and two counts of murder. Prosecutors are now considering whether or not to push additional hate crime charges against the suspect. Bush is being held in custody on a $5 million bond.