In today’s world, you must be careful about what you post online. No one knows that better than 32-year-old Maegan Adkins-Barras who was just arrested after making a social media post. The Louisiana mother now faces up to six months in prison if she gets convicted of the crime.

What was her offense? According to initial reports, Adkins-Barras shared a cellphone video of two school-aged children fighting online. The Scott Police Department became aware of the post, and it prompted an investigation. Authorities learned that the video showed two Acadiana High School students fighting on February 19th. The students were both fighting within school grounds. The dangerous physical fight became more serious when the video shows one of the students getting punched and falling. During the fall, he smashes his head into a concrete bench.

Police later learned that the student had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. As the investigation continued, authorities arrested Adkins-Barras. According to their reports, it’s a crime to post about criminal activity for notoriety and publicity. Both students are facing criminal charges, and they have both been recommended for expulsion.

It remains unclear whether the mother was present during the fight or had obtained the footage from her son’s cellphone. A criminal defense attorney, Franz Borghardt, spoke about the recent arrest. He explained how the obscure law has rarely been used, but it does point out that the person being charged must have been either “a principal or accessory to a crime.”

He furthered that he thinks the police department will “have a serious constitutional problem with this crime.”