On March 14th, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were forced to arrest one of their fellow officers after a string of bad behavior that lasted for nearly two years. Her consistently horrid actions finally led to felony police misconduct charges.

Rachel Sorkow, the former officer, has allegedly been conducting unapproved background checks dating back at least two years. In all, she ran at least 19 checks on civilian individuals. Why? She was looking for information like addresses, license plate information and arrest records for individuals she was interested in dating. She also helped out her friends and family by scanning their potential love interests as well.

It was also revealed that she did one background check to determine whether or not police were looking for a felon. Once she obtained the information, she reported it back to the felon. Police also reported that she looked up a child abuse case that was unrelated to her work duties and told the children’s names to her friends. It’s unclear why she did this.

These background checks were the least of Sorkow’s offenses. She also reportedly shared numerous videos with her friends of inmates or other citizens in vulnerable and humiliating situations. In 2017, she requested that a mentally ill person perform dance movies like the Dougie and twerking while she filmed it. Later, she texted the video to other officers and friends. A few months later, she forced a handcuffed inmate to consume jellybeans while she filmed it.

Again, in 2018, she was accused of harassing a domestic abuse victim about her weight. She reportedly told the victim whether she’d ever considered going on the TV show My 600-Pound Life. The final straw occurred when a video emerged of Sorkow harassing an African American who had ripped his pants. She zooms in on the rip and asks him to kick so she can see his genitals. After arresting him, she says, “What’s up my nig?”

These horrific incidents have finally resulted in her arrest. In addition to misconduct charges, she’s also facing one count of capturing another person’s private area and one count of indecent exposure.