Dakota Theriot, a 21-year-old resident of Louisiana, has been apprehended for the brutal killings of at least five victims. Initial reports suggest the victims include his parents, his girlfriend and members of his girlfriend’s family.

According to police, the suspect suddenly lashed out in a violent tirade against his girlfriend, 20-year-old Summer Ernest. It’s unclear what prompted the violence. He fatally shot her before turning the gun on her relatives. He shot both her father, 43-year-old Billy Ernest, and her brother, 17-year-old Tanner Ernest.

His violence didn’t end there. Next, he stole the family’s vehicle and drove to the home of his parents. He shot both his mother and father before fleeing the state. His parents immediately called 911. Once first responders arrived, they positively identified who shot them. Sadly, they both passed away a short time later.

A multistate manhunt was immediately initiated. Meanwhile, Theriot’s grandmother, who lives in Virginia, feared for her life. She made the decision to stay at a hotel because she was afraid her grandson might try to come to her house.

On January 27th, she reached out to local police and asked them to check her residence before she tried to go home. Police agreed. Just as she suspected, Theriot appeared at her residence while police were there.

Initially, the suspect had a firearm pointed at police, but he eventually turned himself in. He was transported to Northern Neck Regional Jail where he awaits extradition back to Louisiana. He is currently facing at least two counts of first-degree homicide, one count of home invasion and several counts of illegal use of weapons. It’s very likely more charges will be added on as the investigation continues.