Police have finally apprehended suspect John Williams after a four-day-long manhunt in the state of Maine. Williams is believed to be the main suspect in the death of a Maine police officer earlier this week. Williams was scheduled to appear in court on April 25 for an unrelated arrest concerning possession of a firearm.

Around 1 and 2 a.m. on April 25, investigators believe the suspect was pulled over by Cpl. Eugene Cole. The suspect was currently out on bail, and it’s unclear what led to a confrontation between the officer and the suspect. Williams allegedly shot the officer and then drove his police vehicle to a nearby gas station. The Cumberland Farms convenience store was robbed, but authorities were able to recover surveillance footage that confirmed the suspect as Williams.

It’s unclear what the suspect did next, but the police cruiser was discovered off Martin Stream road at around 5 a.m. Police immediately began a massive manhunt in the wilderness areas in Norridgewock. Both local and state law enforcement officers participated in the search including some police officers from Massachusetts. 200 officers in total responded to the police department’s call for help, and the search was conducted across 25 square miles of remote area. By Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation put out a massive $20,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect.

Williams was captured alive on April 28. State police honored the late Corporal Cole by using his handcuffs to arrest the suspect.