Undercover police officers often utilize online chat boards and social media websites to gain information or conduct sting operations that help them land various criminals. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is happy to announce that they were able to successfully arrest one suspect who was utilizing online forums in an attempt to purchase a child to assault and consume.

Alexander Barter, a 21-year-old resident of Texas, was apprehended on October 19th after a series of interactions with an undercover U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer online. The undercover agent initially began investigating the suspect when he saw an online post requesting a human body with which he could commit necrophilia and cannibalism.

The agent decided to pretend to be a person interested in providing the suspect with what he was looking for and began sending messages to Barter. Over the course of several days, the undercover agent agreed to provide Barter with a child. According to the report, Barter asked if he could murder the child and described several gruesome acts he wanted to perform on the youngster. After obtaining the child, Barter allegedly wanted to sexually assault, kill and cannibalize them.

The undercover agent agreed to a meeting place with the suspect. Barter arrived at the location equipped with a knife and plastic trash bags. He was immediately arrested and charged with a conspiracy to commit murder, criminal attempt of murder, criminal solicitation and criminal attempt of sexual performance on a child. If Barter is convicted of his crimes, then he could face a maximum of life in prison.